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Since 1963, clubs in our district have participated in International Youth Exchanges. Over the course of our 39 year history we have hosted and sponsored over 1,000 students here and abroad.


Rotary attempts to minimize those costs associated with program which must be borne by parents and students participating in the program.  Because the program is staffed almost entirely by volunteers, Rotary is able to make youth exchange opportunities accessible to youth of all backgrounds and economic means at a minimal cost.




Through Youth Exchange, Rotarians seek to provide the best possible environment for the participant. The program enjoys the advantages of more that thirty years of experience and a network of more than 1.1 million Rotarians around the world. This experience and support system ensures the best possible exchange for participants in the program.


Rotary offers two Exchange opportunities. In the "Short Term" or Summer Program students spend three to eight weeks in their host country traveling. In return, the student and his/her family welcomes their host brother or sister into their home for the same amount of time. This is an excellent opportunity to experience a new culture in a brief period of time.


The "Long Term" or Academic Year program lasts from 8-10 months. Students spend an entire school year in their host country students with one or more host families beginning in late summer. Host parents provide room and meals as well as support and guidance. The host Rotary Club provides a limited monthly spending allowance, counseling, and supervision.


Please see our Long v. Short page for a further description of the two programs.