The first Rotary exchange weekend  awaits the newest class of Inbound exchange students this September at Camp Conrad Weiser.
We have a weekend full of activities with the students. There will also be Youth Exchange Officer/Counselor training on Saturday and Sunday.
Come meet the students and YEP Committee.  See how you can make a difference and challenge your club to get involved.
Interested in learning more contact Linda Kennedy from the Ambler Rotary Club.
This is the first opportunity the inbound exchange students have to meet each other. The students are welcomed and introduced to each other and the exchange program of District 7430. It is amazing how immediate friendships develop at this meeting. We have students from 10 different countries, from 10 different cultures, speaking different language but that does not get in the way. Even those students that English is a challenge have no problem fitting in and making friends that will be life long.     
During the weekend we meet with the student to orient and guide them towards a successful exchange. We cover many subjects, such as, how to be a good ambassador, how to blend into their new host family, differences in American schools and social circle based on the experiences of past exchange students and much more. They get to know each other by participating in leadership-building activities, group puzzles, sports and various other activities.   A campfire is usually a staple of the Camp Conrad Weiser experience, and here students are introduced to the American culinary delight commonly known as S'mores. Learning to play softball on Sunday to complete the weekend is always a highlight. Several Host Families join us for Lunch on Sunday.
We will be holding a Youth Exchange Officer/Counselor training for all to bring them up to date with new ideas and new procedures/rules,  learning about how to get more students involved Outbound, secure host families and much more.        
Youth Exchange is a challenging, exciting and rewarding program for Rotary....   But how exciting it is to make a different and change the world one student at a time!