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Let's face the facts: Rotex know it all.


We survived the goodbyes-- on both ends for that matter.


We've been through the homesickness.


We picked up the Exchange 6th Sense that intuits an understanding of people that most do not have.


We put on (and hopefully lost) the exchange student 15, and sometimes even 30, pounds.


To us, countries are no longer just names of places, but rather, triggers of memories and faces.


To us, home is no longer a place-- it's an idea, a list of places, and a feeling.



The Rotary International District 7430 Rotex is made up of several members -- near and far -- who provide the been there perspective to current inbounds and outbounds, host families, rotarians and just about anyone else who will listen to our stories.


Please take a minute or two to check out our stories from near and far. And, if you happen to be one of us, send us an update! We'd love to hear from you!