District 7430 Welcomes you to our Rotary Youth Exchange Family!


Patti Smith, District Chair               


Contact Inbound Coordinator for more information



We are happy you have decided to become an Exchange Student and it is our hope that you have a great experience in our district during your exchange year.


District 7430 is in the South Eastern part of Pennsylvania.   We have a very active Youth Exchange Program offering many activities from September through June of your exchange year.    Also offered to you are opportunities for travel at the end of your school year.    There may also be opportunities to travel with your Rotary Club and Host family.    Please discuss these possibilities with your Rotary Club Counselor and Host Family.


The following MUST be completed prior to your arrival to the USA:

  • You will receive an email from D7430 asking you to complete information on the ESSEX Database.   This email will have a password and detail instructions on how to input your information onto the database.   You should do this immediately upon receipt of the email, as this information is very important.
  • You MUST purchase CISI Bolduc Health Insurance - Plan B prior to arrival.  Please CLICK HERE to purchase the mandatory insurance on line. For Brochures and Applications available in multiple languages CLICK HERE for your convenience.     If you arrive without this insurance your exchange  may be terminted and you will be returned to your country within 10 days. 
  • Return to D7430 Inbound Coordinator a set of SIGNED Essex Inbound Rules signed by both student and parents.   CLICK HERE for the Essex Inbound Rules.   (scanned email copy is acceptable)
  • Return to D7430 Inbound Coordinator a SIGNED copy of the "Signature Letter".  CLICK HERE to download the Signature Letter.  (scanned email copy is acceptable)
  • Email to D7430 Inbound Coordinator, your Club Counselor and your Host family your Airplane itenerary once you have secured your travel plans.  
  • Communication is very important and should begin immediately upon receiving information on your Host Family,  Host Club Counselor and Host District.  


As an Exchange student in D 7430 you will receive an allowance from your Rotary Club.   This amount is listed on your Guarantee Form but you should expect to receive approximate $75 to $125 per month.     This is your money to be used as you see the need.  


Financial Responsibilities for the Inbound Student.


It is important for you and your parents to understand your financial responsibilies as an Inbound Exchange Student into D7430.     Your Host family will cover your room and board.   It is important for you to discuss with your host family other financial responsibilities they might help out with, such as personal items (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc).  


The District committee organizes several activities throughout your exchange year.    The following is a list of these activities and the cost to you.

  • September - First Orientation - Weekend activity - No cost to the student
  • October - Second Orientation - Weekend activity - No cost to the student
  • November - 3rd Sunday - Interview of prospective Outbound students - no cost to the student
  • December 26th - Holiday Party - no cost to the student
  • January - Outbound Orientation - No cost to the student
  • February - Ski Weekend - Cost to the student:  rentals and ski ticket approx $50 for both
  • March/April - 3 day trip to Washington DC - No cost to the student
  • April/May - District 7430 Conference - No cost to the student
  • June - Farewell picnic - No cost to the student

There is an optional "End of the Year" trip available to the exchange student.   This trip are offered at the expense of the student and parents.    Information on this trip is located on this website.    This trip can range from $1500 to $3000 depending on location and length of the trip.      If you have questions on this trip please contact D7430 District Chair or Inbound Coordinator.


The student will, of course, have incidential expenses throughout the exchange year, such as personal items, souvenir/mementos, etc.     These incidential costs are at the discretion of the student and natural parents.  


District 7430 and the Youth Exchange Committee looks forward to sharing and experiencing the year with the exchange student.     The District Chair and Inbound Coodinator are available via email if you have any concerns throughout the experience.    Please contact them if you feel the need.